We’re Going Online!

In my last post, I said I would be more cheerful in my next post, which is this post; but it’s a bit hard to do that because this post is related, like many things these days, to COVID-19. After work tonight Inari-san told me that Inari-juku is (now 100%) going to go online from Thursday (March 9). 💻 💻 💻

Because I believe that social distancing can help stop the spread of the virus, I think it’s good that the school will go online, but I am nervous and worried about how I’m going to conduct my lessons so that they’re still fun and engaging, especially for my younger students. I also don’t know if I can translate my classroom lessons to online lessons because the distance between me and my students changes a lot of things.

There are a lot of uncertainties right now, about the online lessons and in the world, but I’ll keep doing my best to give useful, engaging lessons. 💪

Stay safe and take care, everyone! 🍎