Guest Post 3

As I promised in my last post, I have a “guest post” and the writer is a 3rd year student of an all-boys school. One of the nicknames I have given him is “Yankee number 2” 😂 because he and the other 3 boys in his previous class liked to complain or not do their homework. 😂😂

I tell my students to write anything they want for their “guest post” because I think it gives readers an idea of the kind of students that I have, but today’s guest writer wrote only about a game he likes so I’m not sure it would be very useful. Still, here it is:

I like game[s], so I’ll write about [a] game.

I like the game named “Monster Hunter Series” and the newest [game in the series] is “Monster Hunter World”. This game [was] released [for] PS4 and [Microsoft] last year [in] January. I have played this game since March. This game will [get a large] update in September and [will be] renamed “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”. I’m looking fowrward [to it]!