Awards Week!!

Around this time last year, I acknowledged my students who did very well in certain areas by giving out what I called “English Convo Awards.” I don’t know if any of my students then knew because I don’t know if they read this blog, but I decided to so the same this year because I like to give credit where it’s due and sometimes I forget to do it during class.

Since it is the last week of classes in Inari-juku (the school will still be open next week from Tuesday to Saturday for students who want to study), I will be announcing the receivers of an award every day from tomorrow until Saturday.

I tried to be as objective as I could in choosing the recipients, but as I am a human being, my decisions might be questionable. However, the awards are not meant to compare anyone and, to any of my students reading this post, whether or not you get an award, please know that I appreciate the effort you’ve given during classes. Thank you, good job and I hope you’ll keep improving because the sky is the limit.