Midnight Diner

I’ve been absent for some time from this blog, but I have a topic today so I’m back. Yesterday after work, I went to a small izakaya (maybe) near Kawaramachi Station with Matsutani-san. It was my idea to go there because I have this dream to go to a small, traditional diner with a mysterious chef who has interesting customers.

This dream is from a show that I watched on Netflix called Midnight Diner, which is basically like the place I just described in my last sentence. After watching a few episodes of the show and liking it, I told myself I would one day go to that place or a place like that in Tokyo; so my heart was broken when I looked it up and learned that the midnight diner is entirely fictional and not based on a real-life diner.

The small izakaya near Kawaramachi station is not like the midnight diner, but it was a great place. The cook wasn’t mysterious and didn’t have a scar on his face, but he was friendly and willing to speak in English. Also, everything he cooked for us last night was delicious! I was so surprised because I didn’t expect to eat much but I ended up eating tamagoyaki, oden, karaage, niku jaga and a lot more! It felt like an eating event, and I liked it a lot.