I planned to write the next post for the genius series today, but something very nice happened this evening and it’s related to my students so I decided to write about it instead.

Before that, I have another story to tell. Since I moved into my new apartment I wanted to have plants in the balcony because it is much bigger than the balcony of my old apartment. I wanted a lemon tree but I didn’t know where to get one, so I asked two of my female adult students who have mentioned that they garden if they knew where I could find one. They told me about Robin Garden, a garden center in Nagaokakyo City that I didn’t know about even though I live here.

One of the students offered to bring me there, and on Thursday we went with another adult student who is also her classmate. I wasn’t able to buy a lemon tree because they didn’t have one that was big enough, but I did get two blueberry plants and my students were very helpful in asking one of the staff questions about caring for and growing blueberries.

I bought the things I needed to repot the blueberries; but the garden center didn’t have the soil I wanted so the third student who got involved in my search for plants volunteered to find the soil for me, which leads me back to the very nice happening this evening.

At around 8 this evening, my student brought a bag of organic soil to my apartment. She also gave me nets and rocks to put at the bottom of my pots for the soil not to fall easily. I felt like it was Christmas in June.

Some years ago, a friend of mine said that I get lucky a lot. I haven’t won the lottery yet, so I don’t really agree with here. But I think that I’ve been really, really, really lucky with the students I’ve had since I started teaching English.