Parents, I think, are very important in a child’s language learning.

My two youngest siblings can speak English better and more comfortably than most of their classmates because dad thought it would be a good idea for us to speak English and Ilocano at home.

It was also dad and mom who started my love for reading, which is one of the reasons I like English. They bought a lot of books like story books, encyclopedias for children, and other kinds of books from travelling salesmen because there were very few bookstores in my city when I was young.

    encyclopedia – a book or set of books giving information on many subjects

Most importantly, they practiced with us. Even my mother who wasn’t confident in using English and who thought her English wasn’t good did her best to speak to us in English sometimes.

Of course, teachers at school are also important people in a child’s language learning, but, for me, my parents were the first teachers and most important.