After Three Months

During our meeting today, Matsutani-san asked me to write about the lessons I will give students after their 3-month lessons with him.

To be honest, I’m still not sure what I will teach them because I want to make lessons depending on what they have learned Matsutani-san’s lesson. In other words, I want to start where his lessons end.

How is easier for me to answer. I basically use method for my students who cannot yet speak English very well. The lesson starts with a (1) listening task wherein students write the missing words to a song or write down particular words (like verbs) in the song while listening.

The next part depends on the needs and weaknesses of the students in the class, but I usually (2) teach grammar or new vocabulary or expressions. The lesson is usually just a review and doesn’t take very long because I want to focus on the next part of the lesson.

The next part is (3) an activity where students can apply or practice what they’ve learned and this takes up most of the lesson time. The activity can be anything depending on what the lesson is.

Every lesson is different because I plan my lesson based on my students’ goals, weaknesses, strengths, and, sometimes, even personality; but every lesson is also the same because I have one important goal, which is to give students the space and time to use English.