I Love Shopping!

Many people think women love to shop. I don’t know if it’s true, but for me it isn’t. I don’t really enjoy going to the mall or to many shops to buy shoes or clothes or bags or accessories.

I usually buy new things only when I really need them, so I didn’t understand why people would buy new things when they already have clothes or shoes or bags. I didn’t understand until today.

This afternoon I went to a bookstore to buy a book for a friend, and I found out that the bookstore is selling English books for only 500 YEN.

When I came to Japan last year, I had two suitcases. One was filled with clothes and the other was filled with books. I had read some of the books, but there are 10 I still haven’t read and I have more books in my Kindle. I still have a lot of new books I haven’t read yet, but I bought three books anyway.

When I was walking home, I was happy and excited to read and learn more about the world and people; and I realized that maybe people who love shopping feel the same way when they buy new things.

So it made me think I kind of understand why people love to shop, and maybe I love shopping too … for books.