Free Saturday Class

When Inari-san first talked about the free Saturday English class, I imagined a few students would come to ask questions and then leave or do their homework; but I realized that it will be different than I thought.

I know it is already Thursday but I have to make some changes because I want to make sure that the very first class will be a good experience for everyone.

First, I am going to divide the time so that different age groups come at different time, so please take note
of this schedule:

    2:00-2:30 PM – elementary shcool students
    2:30-3:00 PM – junior high school students
    3:00-3:40 PM – high school students and older

Second, the free talk class will end at 3:40 because I have a student at 4:00 and I have to prepare for that class.

Third, if you come, don’t be shy to talk to me. See you Saturday!