Day 16: Ghosts in the Daytime

Today’s story has many words I don’t know so I couldn’t understand anything except that it’s about a man named シンさん, his wife, and a ghost.

I couldn’t understand the title either so I had to use Google Translate and I learned that ゆうれい means ghost. I thought ghost in Japanese was お化け, so I’m glad to learn ゆうれい because I like ghost stories.

Because I couldn’t understand the story, I don’t have any opinion of it. The picture with the story, however, was interesting. It’s a picture of the man and the ghost.

The man looks like Japanese men from long ago (maybe), but the woman has orange hair. It’s strange because I don’t think Japanese people from long ago had orange hair or used hair dye.

    illustrator – a person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, etc.

I guess the ghost was from Europe or The Levant?