TV Shows in English

One of the ways young children in the Philippines get exposed to English is through TV shows. Although TV shows for children very simple, I think they were interesting and are a good way to start watching English TV shows. These three were quite popular:

  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora is a 7-year-old American girl who goes to places looking for something to help someone. She talks to the viewer so children who are watching sometimes answer her or copy what she says. She also has an Indigenous Mexican heritage so she sometimes says Spanish words like abuela.

  • Blue’s Clues
    Blue’s Clues has a human host called Steve who has an animated dog named Blue, who leaves clues for the host and the viewers to follow until they get to a treasure. Like Dora, Steve asks questions from the viewers.

  • Bananas in Pyjamas
    This show is an Australian children’s television show about two bananas and their friends, the bears. The bananas don’t interact with the viewers but the episodes are interesting.