In Matsutani’s lesson we talked a little about materials that can be used to practice English at home and how these materials are sometimes boring depending on a person’s interest. I believe having fun is an important part of learning language that is why I make games and activities for some of my lessons, and occasionally do different things for the others.

But, as I told Matsutani-san, we sometimes have to do boring stuff if we want to improve. Learning a language is, ultimately, learning, which means that sometimes we have to do some things that aren’t fun in order to improve. I, for example, don’t like learning language using textbooks but when I met my Japanese teacher for the first time, and she asked me whether we would do free conversation (which I prefer) or use a textbook I chose to study with the textbook because I know I need to learn grammar. So every week and sometimes at home I study with the textbook. Do I enjoy it? No. Do I need it? Yes.

Of course, what you should study depends on what you need but I think that when learning a language (or learning anything, really) it is important to know that sometimes “boring” stuff can help us too.