Summer Places

I dislike hot weather very much because it makes me feel uncomfortable and lazy. If I could go anywhere place in Japan during summer, I would choose these three:

1. Sapporo
Sapporo is one of the largest cities in Japan so I think its a very convenient place to visit in summer. But of course the best thing about it is that its cool. According to the internet, it’s 16°C there now.

2. Furano
I want to go to Furano because it’s cool like Sapporo but some of my previous students have shown me pictures of the lavender fields and I think they’re pretty so I want to see them in person. I read online that it’s also famous for cheese and wine, which sounds great.

3. Takayama
I’ve heard about Takayama from some of my students too, I think. I want to go there because it’s also cooler, but also because I’ve seen pictures of the city on the internet and I think it looks really pretty.