Choosing Books to Read

Today I, Inari-san, and Matsutani-san went to Maruzen to buy books for the cram school. After we chose enough books, Inari-san asked me to recommend a book for him to read. I asked him what kind of book but he said anything as long as it’s not so difficult.

I think reading anything is good because you can discover things you normally won’t, but when reading is not a hobby I think it’s best to choose a book that you think is interesting. So if you like mystery and crime, then choose a mystery or crime novel. If you like fantasy, choose a book like Harry Potter. If you don’t like books, read magazines or comic books or news articles.

When you start to like reading then try to read other things. You might discover that you actually like something you thought you didn’t, and I think this will not only teach you new, unfamiliar words but also open your mind a little.