What do I read?

Yesterday one student asked me what I usually read. I answered the question as I would usually do, but it also made me wonder if the answer might be useful or helpful to someone so I’ll write down my answer in detail in this post.

I try to read the news as often as I can although sometimes I forget. When I remember, I read news articles on the internet when I wake up in the morning or after work when I’m walking from the cram school to my apartment. Today I had some free time in the morning so I read some articles from The New York Times and BBC.

I don’t read magazines unless I’m getting a haircut or when I visit my dentist, but when I go to a bookstore I sometimes buy a copy of Discovery Channel (I’m interested in animals and nature) or National Geographic (if the cover is interesting).

Most of the time I read books. Since two weeks ago I have finished one book and I’m reading two others. The book I finished is a funny, fantasy book. I liked it a lot. The other two I’m still reading are a historical fiction about slavery in America in the 1800s and a historical fiction/romance novel about a young man who accidentally joins the circus in the early 1900s. I like books because they teach me a lot about the world, cultures, and people whether they’re imaginary or real, true or not.