Most Common English Words (no. 10)

I” is the tenth most common English word. It is a pronoun and, unlike the other words before it, it can only be used one way: as the subject of a verb. Since there is not much to write about it, I’m going to use it with the nine words I’ve already written about.

  • I like you.
  • Am I invited to the party?
  • I saw the Crown Prince of Japan in Kyoto. (the)
  • I am the middle child. (be)
  • From September 12 to 25, I will be out of the country. (to)
  • I lost the lead of my pencil. (of)
  • I went to Osaka and shopped and shopped until I spent all my money. (and)
  • I read a story about a prince yesterday. (a)
  • In the morning I usually feel lazy. (in)
  • I feel so lazy that I can’t get up to eat breakfast. (that)
  • I’ve had mumps twice. (have)

In the next blog I will take a break from writing about the most common words in English because Inari-san requested me to write about my opinion of the Philippines and Japan. I will do my best to answer his questions so please read again tomorrow if you’re interested.