Most Common English Words (no. 9)

The next word on the list is “have“. It is a verb and it can be used in many ways. First, when it is used together with another verb, it forms the present perfect tense and the past perfect tense.

  • I have never been to London. (present perfect)
  • I hadn’t studied Japanese before I came here. (past perfect)

On its own, “have” has a lot of meanings. First, it means to possess or own something.

  • They have a very cute toy poodle.
  • I have a lot of cousins.

Next, it means to be ill.

  • I think I have a cold.
  • Have you ever had mumps(おたふくかぜ)?

Have” also means to eat or drink something.

  • I had curry for dinner.
  • Can I have water?

It also means to receive something.

  • Please have more coffee.
  • We’re having visitors tonight.

Finally, “have” also means to experience.

  • We had a great time in Korea last week.
  • I’m having difficulty remembering new words.

The next word is the tenth most commonly used word in the English language. It’s a single-letter word and it’s a pronoun. Try guessing it!