Most Common English Words (no. 9)

The next word on the list is “have“. It is a verb and it can be used in many ways. First, when it is used together with another verb, it forms the present perfect tense and the past perfect tense.

  • I have never been to London. (present perfect)
  • I hadn’t studied Japanese before I came here. (past perfect)

On its own, “have” has a lot of meanings. First, it means to possess or own something.

  • They have a very cute toy poodle.
  • I have a lot of cousins.

Next, it means to be ill.

  • I think I have a cold.
  • Have you ever had mumps(おたふくかぜ)?

Have” also means to eat or drink something.

  • I had curry for dinner.
  • Can I have water?

It also means to receive something.

  • Please have more coffee.
  • We’re having visitors tonight.

Finally, “have” also means to experience.

  • We had a great time in Korea last week.
  • I’m having difficulty remembering new words.

The next word is the tenth most commonly used word in the English language. It’s a single-letter word and it’s a pronoun. Try guessing it!


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  1. Matsutani より:

    Thank you for your article!
    Thanks to your article,I have learned many ways of using “have”.Of course I got to know those meanings many years ago, but by reading your article and pronouncing the ways of using “have”, I feel I’ve got more used to them than before. Perhaps it will enable me to use “have” more freely with much confidence in the real situation!
    By the way I think “possess” is the right spelling. If you mistyped it, please correct it when you have free time.
    See you later!
    P.S. the next word was very difficult for me to guess….But I finally got it!

    • Carmelia より:

      Thank you for your kind words and for pointing out the typo. I hope you’ll be able to use “have” in the future without difficulties. It is a very useful word, I think.