Meeting new people is one of the perks of my job.

Every year I meet new people from a school I’ve never heard or doing a hobby that I’ve never tried or working a job I’ve always been curious of; and, simply from listening and asking questions, I learn and grow and sometimes even experience something I never thought I would.

Yesterday, for example, my junior high student became my classmate in a hula dance lesson – given by her mother! Never in my life have I thought I would ever learn hula from a student’s parent, but it happened! 💗

Of course, it happened because my student and her mom are wonderful people who made it possible, but they wouldn’t have been able to give me the chance if my student and I hadn’t talked about her hobby and I hadn’t had the curiosity to ask her more.

I think that is what I’m trying to teach my students: being curious, asking questions, and communicating leads them to new roads. Learning a second language, especially a language spoken by so many people, leads them to even more roads!

Maybe my students are too young to appreciate that or maybe I’m making if seem more important than it is, but I hope anyway that through taking English conversation lessons, my students learn how to better communicate their thoughts so they can make their world bigger and more wonderful. ⭐