Most Common English Words (no. 7)

In” is the next word on the list. It is a preposition like “to” and “of”, and it can be used to mean “inside”.

  • My keys are in my pocket.
  • The dog is in the garden.

It can also be used to mean “into” or to the inside of a place, container, etc.

  • I went in the house when it rained.
  • After class, I put my pen in my bag.

It is also used to mean “during”. When it is used like this, it can only be used with years and months, not days.

  • I will go to Italy in September.
  • She left Japan in 2014.

When talking about time, “in” can also be used to mean “no more than” or “before the end”.

  • I can read this book in a day.
  • Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.

Finally, “in” as a preposition can be used to mean “wearing”.

  • The man in the suit is my co-worker.
  • You look nice in blue clothes.

In” is also an adverb, and it can be used to mean “from the outside to the inside”.

  • I have to bring the clothes in because of the rain.
  • The bird flew in through the window.

In” is the last preposition in the top 10 most common words in English. The next word is the longest word. Find out what it is tomorrow.