I Wanna Go Home

Every year, there comes a time when I think, “I want to go home.”

That time is days like today when it’s too hot and too humid that I want to go back to my hometown.

When I complain about summer in Japan, people usually say, “But you’re from the Philippines!”

People think because I’m from a hot country, I should be okay with the summer here. But I was born in a city that is 1500 meters above sea level. (Kyoto City’s average altitude is 55 meters while Nagano City’s altitude is 371 meters.)

The yearly average temperature in my hometown is 21 degrees. On hot days, we just go inside and open the windows and we feel much cooler.

Summer in Japan, in Kyoto, is too hot. I hate it. I hate the high humidity. I hate the heat. I miss spring. I can’t wait for autumn. 😆

I wanna go home. 😆