A few years back, there was a word I couldn’t remember and I had to ask my sister to help me remember it. She did, and then a few months later I forgot the word again and I had to ask her again. 😆

The word was correspond, which means to communicate by writing a letter or sending an email and is the topic of this blog entry.

Last week, coincidentally, three of my former students sent me a message. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from them and to read their messages written in good English. 😄

I had lunch with one of them on Sunday, and she told me about her life in university and everything else that was new in her life since we last talked.

My job is basically to ask my students questions, so I learn a lot about them, because we talk about their lives, their dreams, their dislikes, their hobbies, their fears and their hopes (things we usually talk about with other people). I especially learn a lot about students who take my lessons for years, so it makes me happy when they make the time and effort to correspond. 😊