Second Kanji Exam

Today I had my second kanji exam, but I had forgotten so I was unprepared. In the first exam, I tried to remember the kanji characters I learned but the teacher let me see my notes. Today I thought I could do the same thing (especially I’ve learned more kanji characters since the first exam) but the teacher said I couldn’t look at my notes. I was a little surprised but there was nothing I could do so I calmed down and I just wrote the kanji characters that I remembered.

I remembered most of the ten numbers, 時, 毎, 円, 日, 月, 何, and 書. But I forgot the other days of the week, 万, 千, 百, and 国. After I finished writing what I remembered I told my teacher I forgot the others, and she let me look at my notes. I felt a little bad that I didn’t remember some of the characters, but at the same time I didn’t really expect to remember everything because I don’t study kanji that much.